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Strengthening Nonprofits Speaker Series presents: The Board Savvy CEO

Creating a high-performing board requires a board-savvy CEO that knows how to balance being a leader and fostering leadership on the board. Panelists will share insights from their own experiences with board successes and foibles. The panel will discuss how to balance the big-picture, strategic engagement of boards, as well as the importance of managing board communications and logistics like a pro. You will have a chance to ask your questions about delicate board encounters, the CEO evaluation process, how to get your board more engaged in fundraising, and more. This event is for nonprofit executives, fund development professionals, and board members.

2018 Community Needs Assessment Presentation

Guests will gain an understanding of local challenges that affect the community through a presentation on CFAAC's latest edition of "Poverty Amidst Plenty VI" and discuss the importance of the community's response to these challenges.