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Fund for Anne Arundel Application Closes

The Fund for Anne Arundel (FFAA) prioritizes grants for nonprofits dedicated to the physical, mental, and behavioral health of our children and families. Identified through a community needs assessment, these grants aim to eliminate barriers and nurture healthy, thriving, and successful children.

"Our focus is on removing barriers and supporting nonprofits aligned with the priority of enhancing the health of children and families," says Mary Spencer, CFAAC President and CEO.

Your crucial support directly impacts lives, cultivating a community with healthy, thriving, and successful children. Join us.

Donate today and be the difference.

2024 Grant Cycle will open in Spring 2024

Support the Fund For Anne Arundel

April 26, 2024

Time | 12:00am to 11:59pm

April 26 - 12:00AM


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