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Ensuring Your Investment

CFAAC is committed to prudent investment strategies and fiscal policies which we believe will lead to the long-term growth of endowment fund principal and meet spending policy objectives. Our Asset Management Committee meets regularly to ensure your investment is as well managed as possible for the greatest return possible. 

Mason Investment Advisor Services, Inc. has been selected as the investment manager by CFAAC’s Asset Management Committee based on an analysis of performance and a review of investment philosophy, investment process and personnel.

Mason is devoted to comprehensive investment management and consulting for endowments, foundations and other institutional portfolios and financial planning and wealth management for individuals. Mason works with many types of institutional clients including: Community Foundations, Family Foundations, Higher Education Organizations, Social Services Entities, Religious Entities, Associations and for-profit Corporations.  Mason manages short-term, intermediate-term and long-term portfolios as well as operating reserve funds.

Performance management is reviewed by the Asset Management Committee on an ongoing, regular basis per the criteria in the investment policy statement.